January Monthly Acknowledgements

Our UC Davis community is made up of people from all over the globe, representing many cultures, customs, and experiences. In support of our diverse community we will recognize some of the observances happening each month (presented in no particular order). 

You don't have to be a member of a particular community to participate in celebrating many of the observances.  If you are interested in learning more, we invite you to connect with campus programs, attend events, and ask questions.

If you are observing/celebrating this month we hope the experience is joyful and meaningful.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is on January 15. The holiday honors the life and work of Dr. King who was a prominent Civil Rights Movement leader. He is recognized as one of the greatest nonviolent leaders the world has known. Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a day to remember and recommit to the principles of racial equality, economic justice, public service, and nonviolent social change promoted by Dr. King.

The work for civil rights and equality advanced by Dr. King is still needed today. There continue to be disparities in poverty, wages, education, and health that are clearly based on race/ethnicity. Therefore, each generation must courageously take the torch to continue the nonviolent fight against inequality.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day offers us an opportunity to reflect on the social change that still needs to occur—in our communities and world—and consider our unique contribution to advancing racial equity, especially for African Americans.

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