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Volunteers needed - Aggie Day 2024

Do you have Aggie Pride?  Do you want to help welcome the next generation of prospective students to campus?  We are looking for volunteers to help with Aggie Day for first-year students and Aggie Day for transfer students.

Aggie Day is our annual campus-wide event where we invite prospective students and their families to campus to learn what life at UC Davis is like.  Student Housing and Dining services will be offering tours and informational resources about living on campus and we need volunteer tour guides and tour rooms for the event.

The Events

Aggie Day - 1st Year Students
Saturday, April 6, 2024
10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Tercero area
Aggie Day - Transfer Students
Saturday, May 18, 2024
10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
The Green at West Village

Tour Guide Volunteers

Tour Guides will lead small groups of guests through short tours of a residence hall buildings identifying resources and amenities, sharing your experiences living on campus, and answering questions.

  • All tour guide volunteers will receive a Free Tee Shirt!
  • No experience necessary
  • Tour guide volunteers will need to complete a 1-hour training session prior to the event to receive all the info you need including tour scripts, FAQs, and volunteer expectations. (Dates and times listed in sign-up link)
  • Tour guides will be scheduled for 2-3 hour shifts the day of the event, with the opportunity to stay longer if desired.
  • Priority will be to assign res. hall volunteers to the first-year event on April 6, and Green residents to the transfer event on May 18

Show Room Volunteers

Show Rooms will be used to show small groups of guests on tours what actual rooms they might live in look like.

  • All show room volunteers (including roommates) will receive $10 Aggie Cash!
  • Show rooms must be Tercero area rooms for the first-year event on April 6 or The Green apartments for the transfer event on May 18
  • All residents of show rooms must agree to have your room shown.
  • Residents may remain in your room during tours if you choose but it is not required.
  • All campus guests will be accompanied by a tour guide volunteer or staff member while inside housing buildings.
  • Guests may enter rooms but will not be permitted to open drawers, cabinets, or otherwise touch personal belongings during tours.
  • Rooms will be secured between tours.  Temporary access cards will be used to access your room in the event you are not present.
  • Show rooms must be reasonably tidy and presentable during tours

Sign-Up To Volunteer Here


Deadline to volunteer is Monday, February 26, 2024

Questions about Volunteering?

Ask your CA, your RD, or email reachingtheresidents@ucdavis.edu

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