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WarnMe Test on April 24, 2024

Campus To Test WarnMe Notification System April 24


Review Your Contact Information

  • Text messages and emails will be sent at noon Wednesday, April 24
  • Review your information and add mobile numbers and email addresses
  • Alerts also will be posted to Everbridge app and UC Davis Twitter and Facebook


UC Davis emergency officials encourage employees and students to review and add to their contact information used for the WarnMe emergency notification system before it is tested midday on Wednesday, April 24.

In the last of three regular tests for the academic year, UC Davis will send alerts by text message and email to faculty, staff and students, all of whom are automatically registered to receive alerts through their UC Davis email. Text messages will be sent to those who have added mobile numbers to their WarnMe contact information.

Messages will also be posted to the Everbridge Mobile App and UC Davis’ official X (formerly Twitter) and Facebook accounts.

UC Davis WarnMe messages provide information and directions regarding emergencies that pose an immediate threat to life and safety. Aggie Alert messages, sent using the same system and contact information, provide notification about events on and around Davis campus facilities that may cause disruption to normal activities.

Emergency officials encourage employees and students to add personal email addresses and mobile numbers — up to a total of five for each contact method. Also, you can choose to receive messages for additional groups; for example, a faculty member might choose to receive messages sent to students.

Verify and update your contact information on the WarnMe website.

Parents, vendors and others without a UC Davis email address can sign up to receive WarnMe and Aggie Alert messages — when issued by text — for the Davis campus by texting UCDAlerts to 888777. Those who have will also be sent test messages.

Available to those with a UC Davis email address (except accounts associated with UC Davis Health), the Everbridge Mobile App can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play and set up to receive UC Davis messages. The mobile app is an important option for those whose mobile number is international because UC Davis WarnMe and Aggie Alert do not send text messages to international numbers. 

The Sacramento campus is scheduled to conduct a separate test on the same day.


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