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May 2024 Monthly Acknowledgments

This month we acknowledge Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month and Jewish American Heritage Month and conclude with notes on the significance of Cinco de Mayo.

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month 

Also known as Asian American Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander Heritage Month or AAPI Heritage Month is intended to recognize the contributions of persons of Asian, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander heritage to U.S. history and all areas of society and celebrate their diverse cultures and traditions. 

Take the Undergraduate Experience Survey

UCUES is administered every 2 years, and students evaluate a myriad of topics—from academic majors to skills to participation in clubs to basic needs and more. This year UCUES introduces an advising module and questions about generative AI. Moreover, UCD students will see a summer sessions module. UCUES helps us gauge underrepresented communities’ experiences and the campus climate for diversity and inclusion. Understanding differing and shifting perceptions is vital right now, and we need a robust survey response to read these important areas.

WarnMe Test on April 24, 2024

Campus To Test WarnMe Notification System April 24


Review Your Contact Information

  • Text messages and emails will be sent at noon Wednesday, April 24
  • Review your information and add mobile numbers and email addresses
  • Alerts also will be posted to Everbridge app and UC Davis Twitter and Facebook


April 2024 Monthly Acknowledgements

April is National Arab American Heritage Month. It is a month to celebrate the achievements, contributions, and heritage of Arab Americans. The U.S. is home to more than 3.5 million Arab Americans whose heritage includes different languages, cultures, faiths, and ethnic identities. Arab Americans have ancestry in one of 22 Arab-speaking countries in southwest Asia and northern Africa.